The bra – a woman’s prized possession. No other garment shapes the female figure more advantageously than a high-quality bra. A garment that has been in its current form for over 100 years. Almost every woman has one, it is worn every day, but finding a perfectly fitting one seems like winning the lottery.

A few interesting facts about bras:

  • Every woman owns an average of nine bras
  • A woman’s bra size can change up to six times in her life
  • In over 90% of women, the left breast is larger than the right breast.

More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra. But why is that? Many women do not know their own bra size. They do not seek expert advice on having their bra size measured professionally. They continue to wear the same bras after weight loss or weight gain. Not only does this cause potential back problems, most women also no longer feel comfortable in their bra. Are you one of those women who can’t wait to get home to take off their bra? Then it is time for you to seek professional advice to find the right bra.

Quality is also important when choosing your bra. High-quality bras nestle against your body and give your breast the necessary hold and support. When buying a bra, make sure you have the right size and cup for your breast.

The strapless bra. Perfect for off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. Even in summer, for tops with spaghetti straps, the strapless bra cuts a fine figure. Women with a very large bust size will miss the support of straps when wearing the strapless bra. Instead, choose a underwire bra to compensate for this.

The bustier. Ideal for young girls whose breasts are just starting to show, or for women with a small bust size.
When should a woman wear a bustier? If you generally don’t feel comfortable when wearing a bra but you don’t want to go without one, a bustier is the perfect choice. They are especially comfortable for women with small breasts who feel constrained by underwire bras. Have you explored our latest collection? Our new Design for Life bras adapt to every shape yet offer ample flexibility and stability.

The backless bra. These bras close very low down, which means that they cannot be seen even under an evening dress with a very low back. Every woman’s wardrobe needs a bra with a variety of straps. On special occasions, a backless bra prevents wardrobe failures under an evening dress. Combined with a seamless brief, you are secure in the knowledge that your underwear won’t let you down.

The Dirndl bra. You only have to explain this bra in 15 German states. Bavarian ladies who love dirndls are very familiar with the advantages of a dirndl bra. The balconette bra and push-up bra are the most popular bras to wear under a dirndl. They provide your breasts with strong lift from below, with the cup closing just above the nipple. This bra has you covered and won’t even misbehave at the Oktoberfest.


Which bra should you wear under a white top?

The best bra to wear under a white top is a skin-coloured bra. These models are almost invisible under light tops and dresses. If you don’t want to use your bra to add some colour to your outfit, such as a flashing bra strap in a bright colour under a simple dress, you can always fall back on a skin-coloured version

The t-shirt bra is similarly inconspicuous and almost invisible. It has no appliqué or lace that will show under a tight top. And don’t forget to get a matching thong for your bra. The different models are of course divided into different categories, such as underwired bras or the bralettepadded bras, bras with large cups for large bust sizes and push-up bras to perfectly showcase small bust sizes. Minimizer bras are also becoming increasingly popular to conceal large breasts.

How many bras you want to own is of course up to you. Are you happy with the average nine items? Are two just enough for you? One in white and one in black? Do you love lingerie and want to feel comfortable under your clothes? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place with Triumph to find your favourite items.


How do you wash bras?

As always, the safest way to wash your bras is by hand. Especially with Triumph underwire bras or lace bras from the Amourette collection, there is nothing that beats washing by hand. Simply place your special item in the sink or another container with plenty of lukewarm water and a little mild detergent. Let the bra soak for half an hour, helping it along a little with your hands or a brush if it is still dirty. Knead it a bit and then rinse with plenty of cold water.

For the less delicate parts, such as sports bras, bras without underwire or T-shirt bras, you can also use the washing machine. To protect the fabric, you should always use a laundry bag and close it securely so that it does not get caught in other parts. Most bras should be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. Also use a gentle mild detergent for machine washing. It is best not to spin it fast, so that you won’t damage your bra. The dryer is an absolute no-go for any bra. Due to the synthetic fibres, even robust sports bras do not tolerate the dryer well. How often you wash your bra is up to you. Washing after every single wear is not really necessary unless you sweat profusely.


Calculate the correct bra size

Determining your chest strap:

Take a measuring tape and put it directly under your breasts. Round up the determined value in increments of five to 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 etc. You have now calculated the length of the lower strap.

Cup size:

To determine your cup size, place the measuring tape around the widest part of your breasts. Do not press your breasts in, but don’t leave a large gap between the band and the chest either. It is important that the measuring tape goes evenly around your chest and does not sit significantly lower on the back, so that you will avoid measuring errors.

Now you have two values which, working together, will determine your bra size. There is an EU-wide formula for this. Please have a look at our size chart for your bra size.

Now you know your perfect size and can choose the perfect model for your body. The variety of choices available to you can seem overwhelming at first glance, so it is helpful to think in advance about what occasions you need the bra for and what properties it should have. Make sure you don’t forget to get matching bottoms for your new bra. Our briefs are also made from high-quality fabrics and are soft on the skin for men and women.