How do I know I’m wearing the right size?

The perfect fit can change the way you look – and feel. Simply check these seven things: 1. Make sure the band of your bra feels firm but comfortable around you 2. Check the back of your bra is in line with the front 3. Your breasts should fit neatly into the cup with nothing spilling out below or over the top 4. You should feel your underwire and side support flat against your body and around the contour under your breast 5. Pay particular attention to the middle front part of your bra, it should also lie flat against your body 6. Before adjusting your straps, check your breasts are in their natural position (usually half way between your shoulder and our elbow) 7. Fasten your bra on the middle hooks. This makes it easy to adjust for weight loss, gain, or if you just want to tighten up a little.


What is the correct way to put on a bra?

In the fitting room, there are some simple steps we follow to ensure it fits correctly: 1. Before putting on the bra, lengthen the straps to their longest position 2. Whilst putting your bra back on, lean forward so that your breasts fall naturally into your cups 3. Stand up straight and fasten at the back on the middle hooks to allow for any weight loss or gain 4. It’s a simple step, but check in the mirror whether your breasts are fully covered 5. Lastly, adjust your shoulder straps until you feel supported – ensure that the back band of your bra is in line with the front cup as they are best for sculpting, supporting and shaping fuller cups.

How long does a fitting take?

A Triumph fitting takes around half an hour, but whoever fits you should give you the time you need to find a bra you’re happy with. If you’d like to be fit for something specific (like a party dress) you can bring it along to a Triumph fitting and we’ll find you a perfect match.

I’ve never been to a fitting before, what can I expect?

At a Triumph fitting, we find a bra that fits your very individual needs and style. First, we ask you a few questions to find out what you’re looking for. An experienced fit expert will look at your size and shape, then measure under your breast. You won’t need to take your bra off, but try to wear an unpadded bra so that she can get the most accurate measurements. She’ll then carefully choose bras for you and will work with you to find your perfect fit and style.

I can’t seem to find a bra with cups that fit me?

An iconic bra because an allover, super-soft and stretchy lace moulds to the unique shape of your body the closest fit…Amourette 300.

Where can I find a bra that is great for everyday comfort?

Try our most-loved bra, the Amourette 300. Stretch lace adjusts to every woman’s body, offering a beautiful bust shape; the fit expertise means it’s a great bra for all sizes. It feels super soft against your skin and you can enjoy a beautifully rounded bust shape every day when you choose from a tempting array of styles and shades.


I want a bra that supports my natural shape without adding volume to my full bust.

Many women ask this question, yet don’t necessarily want to opt for a minimizer bra style. Our Amourette Spotlight gives you great support and a super-smooth shape under clingy and loose fabrics alike, ensuring confidence and comfort whatever you’re wearing. The lightweight moulded cups give you a streamlined, even bust shape, without adding extra volume to your cup.

I have a small bust and I’m looking for the perfect push-up.

To get the perfect cleavage, your push-up bra should be pushing up as well as in and it should fit beautifully. So do check your band fits closely under your bust and there are no gaps or creasing in your cups (as this means your cups are too big). You don’t want to feel uncomfortable either, so make sure your breasts don’t feel squeezed together.

There is a gap at the front of my cups, am I wearing the wrong size?

First, try tightening your straps as they may be too loose. If you still have gaps or creasing cups, try a smaller cup size and make sure you look at the cup shape too, as this may affect your fit as well. Always ask for help with a fitting if you’re unsure, to get the most supportive and shaping bra.

I think my boobs are different sizes – how can I make them look even?

It’s a common issue and we suggest a T-shirt bra as they have padded and moulded cups, so are good at covering and shaping your bust. And just because it’s a T-shirt bra, it doesn’t mean you won’t find a bra with gorgeous detailing and design as well.

My bra gives me back bulges.

Funnily enough, you might suspect your band size is too small, but it’s probably too big. Your band should fit snugly on the loosest hook. The best way to test this is to put two fingers under your band, they should just fit (with the backstrap sitting low on your shoulder blades). A band that’s too big for you will ride up and create lumps where there are none!

I often spill out over the top of my cups.

It might seem like your cups are cutting into your breasts, but it’s likely that your cup size is too small. Or it could be that you have fuller cups, so the cut of your bra cups is too shallow for you. Try one cup size bigger and a band size smaller. You could also try a bra with more cup coverage, like a T-shirt bra.

I have fuller cups and bras give me unflattering overhang.

Fuller bra sizes tend to vary more between brands, so it can be hard to work out why some sizes fit you while others don’t. If you have extra breast tissue on the sides, it’s likely for these bras that the cup size is too small. The cup-to-cup distance may also be too narrow, so look or ask for cups that are set a little wider apart. If this all seems a little difficult to judge, it’s a good idea to have an expert fitting, as women with fuller cups often need a little extra help finding the right fit.

I get an annoying pain from the clasp of my bra.

Some hook and eye closures are not well padded and made from a rigid metal, so you can feel them through your back strap. But there are soft clasps out there, or front fastening bras. You shouldn’t even feel the ones that are made for comfort.

Where can I find a bra that gives me natural looking uplift?

We believe that our Magic Boost Push Up bra is the answer. Next-generation Magic Wire and graduated padding create the clever push up and push in effect, ensuring an enviable cleavage and perfect uplift. The pretty lacedetailed cups create a beautifully rounded bust shape, so you’ll feel confident, comfortable and supported from morning till night.

How can I make my bust appear fuller now that I’m not breastfeeding?

Many women feel that their bust lacks volume and elasticity once they stop breastfeeding. The Magic Boost Lift Up bra is the perfect choice if you’re looking to enhance and reclaim your shape. The elegant balconette style features graduated padding that helps to push your bust to the top of the cup, so it appears youthful, rounded and beautifully uplifted all day long.

The elastic at the sides of my bra burns my skin.

That’s not unusual, as the elastic on many bras can be harsh on the skin. Look for a bra that’s made from a breathable, light fabric all over. Whether it’s lace or cotton, there are fabrics out there that will help you avoid the burn! Make sure you check your band size as well – can you just about fit two fingers under there? If not, your bra might be a little tight under your bust. This could be pressing it hard against your skin, giving you the burning sensation.




Can you recommend a bra that offers great support and a smooth silhouette under clothes?

Our Magic Boost Shape Up bra is made from ultralight shaping fabric, and with the benefits of Magic Wire support, gives you a beautifully rounded bust shape and sleek silhouette under clothes. It offers ultimate comfort and follows the natural contours of your body, so you’ll feel confident and beautiful when you require that little bit of extra shaping.

Why does my underwire dig in?

Underwire should follow the contours of your breast – if it’s digging in try going up a cup size, or try our innovative new Body Make Up Bra with flexible Magic Wire.

I find lacy bras feel itchy and irritate my skin, could you please help?

We make sure that all of our lingerie is made from only the softest fabric, and that includes our lace bras. Our Amourette Spotlight is made from all-over stretch lace that supports your shape, so you’ll experience amazing all-day comfort and optimum fit. The intricate lace pattern adds simple elegance to your look, so it’s an everyday favourite for women who want to look as beautiful as they feel.

I have a large bust and want a bikini top that feels light yet supportive for the beach.

Larger cup sizes should never feel restricted by swimwear choices. We’ve designed our latest range of swimwear to offer women of all shapes and sizes flattering, ontrend styles that deliver the perfect level of support by the pool. Our Paisley Shore wired halterneck bikini is the perfect choice for fuller busts: flattering, lightweight and supportive, it gives you a great bust shape. In fact, it’s all you need to feel like a goddess both in and out of the water!